Revolutionizing Student-Focused Curriculum and Learning Experiences

The Christ College of Nursing & Health Sciences




Instructional Design – Content Editing – Instructional Design Review – Multimedia Support – Standardized Course Templates – LMS Migration Support


“Partnering with eLearningDOC allowed us to meet each faculty where they are and give them the time they need for this challenging work. We are so happy to be working with you and are thrilled with the progress made in outlining the courses. Thank you for allowing us the time to get to where we are. It was well spent!”

Tammy Waldron, M.Ed.
Director, Center for Excellence, Division of Academics

Client Overview

The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences (TCC) is a small, private college in Ohio. Seeking to enhance their nursing curriculum and adopt a more active and student-centered approach, TCC enlisted the services of eLearningDOC. The goal was to redesign the curriculum, create engaging content, and migrate to a new LMS. Additionally, eLearningDOC was responsible for developing instructor guides, student guides, and lesson plans for each course.

Services Provided

eLearningDOC offered a comprehensive range of services supporting TCC’s curriculum redesign and LMS migration project. The services provided included:

  1. Instructional Design: eLearningDOC collaborated with the TCC faculty to design a learner-focused curriculum. They incorporated evidence-based learning processes and instructional strategies tailored to the needs of TCC’s nursing program.
  2. Content Editing: The eLearningDOC team worked closely with subject matter experts at TCC to edit and refine the existing course content. They ensured the content was accurate, engaging, and aligned with the newly developed curriculum.
  3. Instructional Design Review: eLearningDOC thoroughly reviewed TCC’s instructional design practices and materials. They provided feedback and recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the courses and improve the overall learning experience.
  4. Multimedia Support: To enhance student engagement and learning outcomes, eLearningDOC provided multimedia support. They created interactive elements, such as videos, simulations, and interactive assessments, to make the learning experience more immersive and effective.
  5. Standardized Course Templates: eLearningDOC developed standardized course templates aligned with the new curriculum. These templates ensured course consistency, making it easier for instructors and students to navigate and access course materials.
  6. LMS Migration Support: eLearningDOC assisted TCC in migrating their courses to a new learning management system. They provided technical support and guidance throughout the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to ongoing teaching and learning activities.

Highlights and Results

By collaborating closely with TCC faculty and subject matter experts, eLearningDOC successfully revitalized the nursing curriculum at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences. The highlights and outcomes of the project include:

  • Learner-Focused Curriculum: Through individualized meetings with subject matter experts, eLearningDOC facilitated the transformation of the curriculum into a learner-focused approach. Evidence-based learning processes were implemented, allowing students to engage in their learning journey actively.
  • Engaging Course Content: By editing and refining the existing course content, eLearningDOC ensured that the materials were accurate, engaging, and aligned with the new curriculum. The incorporation of multimedia elements further enhanced student engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Comprehensive Support Materials: eLearningDOC developed robust instructor guides, student guides, and lesson plans for each course. These materials provided clear instructions and guidance, ensuring consistency in teaching practices and facilitating student learning.
  • Successful LMS Migration: With eLearningDOC’s support, TCC smoothly migrated to a new learning management system. The technical expertise provided by eLearningDOC ensured a seamless transition, allowing instructors and students to access course materials without interruption.


eLearningDOC helped The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences revitalize its nursing curriculum through its expertise in instructional design, content development, and LMS migration support. By adopting a learner-focused approach and incorporating evidence-based learning processes, TCC successfully created a more engaging and practical learning experience for its students.

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