Instructional Design and Development Services at your Fingertips!

See What Sets Us Apart

We provide a variety of e-learning solutions to meet your needs. We have specialists that can help with every aspect of the process, from content planning to instructional design to multimedia development and more! Our team collaboratively provides the strategy, creative vision, knowledge, and skills necessary to ensure each project is delivered successfully on time and within budget!

Who We Are

We are eLearningDOC. We are professional instructional designers specializing in all aspects of the e-learning continuum. Our leadership team has a background in education, which gives us an extraordinary knowledge base for teaching and learning. This, combined with our education and experience in instructional design, gives us the ability to design and build engaging and interactive digital learning products. Whether you are just beginning your e-learning adventure or are a seasoned user, our team can help you reach your e-learning goals!

What We Do

With over 45 years of combined experience, our leadership team understands every aspect of teaching and learning. Our team provides you with the expert guidance you need to launch your e-learning project, no matter how big or small. We know the questions to ask, the experts to talk to, and the technologies to use to bring learning to life. We have research-based development processes and systems to guide you through every step of course creation...from writing goals and objectives, to writing the content and assessments, to creating interactive multimedia. We know there are many aspects and differences to what our clients need as there are topics and courses available. For that reason, we have partnered with top experts in the field to ensure that we can help you in the process, regardless of your needs. In the words of one of our clients, "I can't thank you enough. I would never have been able to put my ideas together with the way you did. You knew just the questions to ask to make my content come alive!" 

Our Services

Content Design & Development

We help you with all aspects of the content development process; from researching ideas to producing the content, we help you clearly and concisely reach your goals and outcomes. Our services include custom course development, instructional design, rapid development, assessment design, curriculum writing and mapping, lms design, and educational consultants. 

Multimedia Development

We specialize in creating quality and innovative multimedia designed to enhance the learners’ experience, increase knowledge, and promote skill development. Utilizing sound pedagogical methods and design principles, we assist clients with all types of design, including, media, software, and interaction.

LMS Solutions

eLearningDoc and Zealic understand our clients' challenges and work hard to blend our instructional design expertise, services, and innovative learning platform, NavAI to bring your training and development content to life!

Web Design & Applications

We provide custom digital solutions, specializing in web design and applications. We help clients define, design, build, and maintain custom solutions or work within your existing framework.

Training & Workplace Development Services

We understand that developing employee training in-house is time-consuming and costly. Our team of corporate and e-learning consultants is trained to handle all aspects of the design and development process for your online, blended, virtual-led, or in-person training while also helping boost employees’ knowledge, performance, and skill development. We strive to create innovative, custom learning using various educational methodologies, practices, and problem-based scenarios to meet employees’ needs while eliminating barriers to learning.