Transforming Traditional Training Materials into Comprehensive Online Learning Program

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“Partnering with eLearningDOC for the cybersecurity risk training program was integral to its success. With their support, SCIPP successfully recruited students to meet benchmarks outlined by the Go Virginia Grant.”

Brian Mahoney

Client Overview

eLearningDOC has a strong track record in converting classroom training into engaging online eLearning experiences. Our expertise spans various sectors, including higher education, K-12, and industry-related organizations. Notably, we had the privilege of partnering with Old Dominion University to convert their face-to-face curriculum into the first online cybersecurity risk management program for SCIPP™ International.

Through our collaboration with SCIPP, we successfully transformed their traditional training materials into a comprehensive online learning program. This program focused on cybersecurity risk management, has established SCIPP as one of the leading online learning providers in the field. Our efforts helped SCIPP effectively recruit students and meet the benchmarks the Go Virginia Grant set, showcasing our ability to deliver results aligned with funding requirements and grant objectives.

Our decades-long experience in the eLearning industry has honed our understanding of best practices and practical instructional design principles. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to create highly interactive learning materials that captivate learners and facilitate their knowledge retention. We are dedicated to crafting customized training programs that align with our client’s unique needs and goals, delivering solutions that maximize learner engagement and knowledge transfer.

Services Provided

  • Course Development
  • Instructional Design (ID)
  • Development
  • Assessment Design
  • Review Content Writing
  • Copy Editing
  • SME Procurement
  • ID Review
  • Multimedia Support
  • Articulate Storyline Development
  • Program Development
  • Project Oversight
  • Student Recruitment
  • RFP and Grant Development
  • Webinar Facilitation
  • Career Fair Support

Highlights and Results

eLearning DOC developed the first online Cybersecurity Risk Management Program for Old Dominion University, now one of the country’s leading online learning providers for this subject.
Successfully recruited students and met benchmarks outlined by the Go Virginia Grant.


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