Focus on Student Outcomes in the Redesign of Online Courses


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“I appreciate their comprehensive learning strategies and ongoing support. The professionalism and technical expertise exhibited by eLearningDOC’s team are truly commendable. The positive impact of their services on our educational initiatives underscores their position as a leader in educational design and development.”

– Received from Client

Client Overview

Our client’s philosophy is to provide personalized attention to each student throughout their education journey. In line with this, eLearningDOC has recently partnered with a post-secondary institution to redesign and develop over 20 online courses focusing on student outcomes. The commitment to excellence was evident in eLearningDOC’s ability to create customized solutions aligned with the organization’s needs. eLearningDOC demonstrated great flexibility in adapting to changing project requirements and delivered engaging and interactive eLearning materials focusing on student outcomes.

Services Provided

Our project had a clear goal: to improve the value of education for both students and employers by prioritizing educational outcomes. Focusing on student outcomes was the main objective and in order to achieve this goal, we collaborated with the client’s experts and utilized the expertise of eLearningDOC’s instructional design specialists and subject matter experts (SMEs). Together, we carefully crafted each course to ensure seamless integration with their Learning Management System (LMS).

This complex process involves several phases:

Content Analysis:

During this phase, we evaluate the learning problem, goals, objectives, audience’s needs, existing knowledge, learning environment, constraints, delivery options, and project timeline for each course.

Content Design:

We develop learning objectives, detailed storyboards, prototypes, graphic designs, multimedia, user interfaces, and content that is tailored to engage learners effectively.

Course Development:

Based on the design phase, we create high-quality, engaging, and effective course content and learning materials.

Course Implementation:

We implement each developed course seamlessly into the client’s Learning Management System (LMS), making it accessible to students, and ensuring a smooth transition and error-free deployment with meticulous attention to detail.

Client Evaluation:

We conduct both formative and summative evaluations. Formative evaluation ensures that the course development aligns with the client’s expectations, needs, and goals. Summative evaluation determines the effectiveness and impact of the developed courses.

Quality Assurance (QA):

We complete an extensive QA review cycle to ensure accuracy, consistency, and compliance with client and national accessibility standards.

Highlights and Results

  • eLearningDOC worked closely with the client to design and develop high-quality, interactive online courses. Their instructional design experts applied their knowledge of ID principles, learning theories, and best practices to design courses that effectively met the program’s learning objectives. They supported the creation of more than 20 courses for post-secondary students. They researched extensively to develop relevant content aligned with the curriculum and critical concepts provided by the client.
  • Each assessment was carefully designed to assess different levels of cognitive skills, such as recall, application, and analysis. eLearningDOC ensured the assessments were valid and reliable, effectively measuring the students’ understanding and competency.
  • By implementing each course into the client’s LMS, eLearningDOC provided easy real-time tracking of learners’ progress and performance. Analyzing this data allowed the client to identify trends, areas for improvement, and potential interventions to support learners’ success.
  • eLearningDOC also created instructional design guides tailored for faculty members, providing them with detailed instructions, best practices, and resources for effectively delivering course content. They also created student guides covering course expectations, module outlines, and instructions for accessing and navigating course materials.


eLearningDOC’s expertise in curriculum development, instructional design, and LMS support resulted in the successful development and delivery of high-quality online courses. eLearningDOC prioritized incorporating interactive elements, multimedia, and user-friendly interfaces to enhance learner engagement and promote active participation. By working closely with the leadership team, eLearningDOC created engaging and personalized educational experiences for their learners.The successful implementation of this project is a testament to the power of strategic collaboration and shared goals, which were based on focusing on student outcomes.

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