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eLearningDOC has been an incredibly reliable partner and collaborator. We can always count on them to help us produce additional high-quality content when we need it most. For instance, they helped us quickly produce in-demand elearning scripts to supplement our internal production.

Throughout the process, the project manager/instructional designer we worked with was extremely communicative, flexible, and easy to work with. They had a deep understanding of our business needs and helped us to meet them.

Alexander Rewey / アレクサンダー・ルーイ
Senior Associate / Team Leader

Client Overview

GLOBIS Unlimited is a business E-learning platform powered by Japan’s No.1 MBA. GLOBIS Unlimited helps companies provide cost-effective and flexible training for their busy employees by offering a range of courses that are engaging, informative, and practical. Their experienced team also works with clients to create customized programs that align with the client’s L&D goals.

GLOBIS Unlimited partnered with eLearningDOC to adapt Japanese business concepts for a global audience. eLearningDOC developed comprehensive scripts, which GLOBIS Unlimited transformed into bite-sized courses.

Services Provided

eLearningDOC conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client’s requirements and goals. Working closely with the client, the instructional design team developed a tailored eLearning solution to address the organization’s specific needs. The services provided by eLearningDOC included:

  1. Content Analysis: Evaluated and localized the existing Japanese course materials to identify key topics, learning objectives, and cultural references that require adaptation for international audiences.
  2. Content Development: Developed a preliminary outline of the micro-course script for foundational business topics.
  3. Iterative Improvement: Integrated relevant case studies and business examples that were recognizable and relatable to the intended international audience. These real-world scenarios enhanced the practicality and application of the course content.
  4. Course Enhancement: Created course descriptions, promotional scripts, and assessments to enhance the overall course quality.
  5. Client Feedback: Gathered feedback from the client during each iteration to refine and enhance content.
  6. Quality Assurance: Thoroughly reviewed the adapted scripts to ensure accuracy, consistency, and compliance with client standards.

Highlights and Results

  • Ongoing Partnership: The successful collaboration between eLearningDOC and GLOBIS Unlimited led to an ongoing partnership. This collaboration highlights the quality of the work and the value eLearningDOC brought to the client.
  • Content Writing and Editing: eLearningDOC supported GLOBIS Unlimited in creating original scripts as well as editing and translating existing Japanese content for a global audience. This included conducting extensive research on each topic to develop high-quality content aligned with the curriculum and critical concepts provided by GLOBIS Unlimited.
  • Script Development: eLearningDOC developed comprehensive scripts for future video development. Leveraging their instructional design expertise, they ensured the scripts were designed with clear learning outcomes, engaging content, and interactive assessments to promote active learning.
  • Expert Team and Support: eLearningDOC promptly assembled a team of instructional design experts to provide professional support. This team of specialists, including instructional designers, copywriters & copy editors, and quality assurance specialists, offered comprehensive assistance throughout the project.


By addressing the specific needs of GLOBIS Unlimited, eLearningDOC provided tailored solutions that encompassed content analysis, development, enhancement, and thorough quality assurance. Key accomplishments included the creation of comprehensive scripts, leveraging instructional design expertise to ensure clear learning outcomes, engaging content, and interactive assessments. The collective success of this project stands as a testament to the dedication, expertise, and value that eLearningDOC consistently brings to its clients, fostering ongoing partnerships and delivering high-quality eLearning solutions.

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