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“eLearningDOC has been an absolute godsend!  They’ve been responsive and tireless in helping us through this initial transition and have dealt with my anxiety and frustration with reassurance and solid solutions. Kristen is, in a word, amazing!”

Camm Lounsbury
Executive Director

Client Overview

Salem University, a for-profit institution for higher education, sought curriculum development and instructional design support to refresh its RN nursing program curriculum. The primary objective was to provide interactive course content to enhance student learning outcomes. Additionally, eLearningDOC provided critical learning management system (LMS) support to bridge the gap until a full-time candidate could be onboarded smoothly.

Services Provided

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eLearningDOC offered a comprehensive range of services to support Salem University in refreshing its RN nursing program curriculum and providing LMS support. The services provided include:

  1. Course Development: eLearningDOC collaborated closely with Salem University to design and develop high-quality, interactive courses. Their instructional design experts ensured that the courses were aligned with the program’s learning objectives and incorporated interactive elements to engage students effectively.
  2. Instructional Design: eLearningDOC provided instructional design expertise to enhance the instructional approach. They worked with subject matter experts (SMEs) to incorporate original content alongside instructor-created videos, publisher content, and various types of assessments. This approach ensured a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for students.
  3. Assessment Design and Review: eLearningDOC assisted in designing and reviewing assessments to align with the learning objectives. They ensured the assessments were valid, reliable, and effectively measured student understanding and competency.
  4. Content Writing and Editing: eLearningDOC supported Salem University in creating original and editing existing content. This included working with SMEs to develop high-quality materials aligned with the curriculum and effectively convey critical concepts.
  5. Instructional Design Review: eLearningDOC thoroughly reviewed the instructional design practices and materials. They provided feedback and recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the courses and enhance the overall learning experience.
  6. Multimedia Support: eLearningDOC provided multimedia support, creating interactive elements and incorporating multimedia resources to enhance student engagement and understanding.
  7. Faculty and Student Support Materials: eLearningDOC developed comprehensive instructional guides for faculty and student guides to ensure consistency in teaching practices and facilitate student learning. Additionally, they created training documents for faculty, including integrating publisher content, and trained the new LMS Administrator on best practices specific to the client’s needs.


Highlights and Results

Through their collaboration with Salem University, eLearningDOC achieved significant highlights and delivered positive outcomes, including:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: eLearningDOC created a standardized and comprehensive curriculum that provided students with a quality hybrid learning experience. The interactive course content and multimedia elements enhanced student engagement and improved learning outcomes.
  • LMS Support: eLearningDOC supported Salem University’s LMS operations. They assisted with course revisions, course copying for each four-week term, faculty technical support, student technical support, and created training documents for faculty. Additionally, they trained the new LMS Administrator, ensuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted LMS operations.
  • Successful Integration: eLearningDOC seamlessly integrated original content, instructor-created videos, publisher content, and various assessment types to create a cohesive and engaging learning experience for students. Their expertise in instructional design and multimedia support contributed to the success of the curriculum refresh.


eLearningDOC’s expertise in curriculum development, instructional design, and LMS support played a vital role in refreshing Salem University’s RN nursing program curriculum. By creating high-quality, interactive courses and providing comprehensive support materials, eLearningDOC enhanced the learning experience for students. Their LMS support ensured uninterrupted operations until a full-time candidate could take over smoothly. Through this collaboration, Salem University achieved a standardized and comprehensive curriculum that facilitated a quality hybrid learning experience for its students.

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