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Client Overview

The client, a non-profit association, had a primary objective to enhance the value provided to its membership base. They aimed to achieve this by offering online education opportunities and generating non-dues revenue. To accomplish their goals, they partnered with eLearningDOC in developing and implementing an effective Learning Management Systems (LMS).

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Services Provided

eLearningDOC conducted a comprehensive assessment of the association’s requirements and goals. Working closely with the client, the instructional design team developed a tailored eLearning solution to address the specific needs of the organization. The services provided by eLearningDOC included:

  1. Requirement analysis: Analyzed the client’s existing resources, and target audience and identified the key areas where online education could be most beneficial.
  2. LMS Selection: After careful consideration of various LMS options, we recommended and implemented LearnWorlds, an LMS that aligned with the association’s needs.
  3. Content Development: Collaborated with subject matter experts from the association to create engaging and relevant online courses.
  4. Platform Integration: Seamlessly integrated the LMS with the association’s website and other relevant systems.
  5. Testing and Quality Assurance: Conducted thorough testing and quality checks to ensure the seamless operation of the eLearning platform.
  6. Training and Support: Provided comprehensive training to the association’s staff on using the LMS effectively and offered ongoing support for any technical or content-related queries.

Highlights and Results

  • The eLearning solution offered courses catering to the diverse interests of the association’s membership base.
  • The LMS allowed members to access the courses at their convenience, promoting a flexible and self-paced learning experience.
  • Interactive elements, such as quizzes, assessments, and discussion forums, were incorporated to enhance engagement and knowledge retention.
  • The integration of a secure payment gateway enabled the association to generate non-dues revenue through course enrollments.
  • The eLearning platform facilitated easy tracking of learners’ progress and performance, providing valuable insights to the association.


The collaboration between the non-profit association and eLearningDOC resulted in the successful implementation of an eLearning platform that significantly enhanced the association’s offerings and impact. The tailored LMS will empower members with accessible and relevant online education, fostering continuous learning and professional development. The project will not only add value to the association’s membership base but also generate non-dues revenue, ensuring the organization’s continued growth and success.

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