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“Creating diverse teams in your workplace provides many benefits for both your business and the employees. When employees’ identities are recognized, they feel valued and appreciated, which increases job satisfaction and motivation, resulting in higher productivity. In fact, employees who feel included are four times likely to stay with the company and seven times more likely to be more engaged in what they do at work.”

Deneisha Franklin
Executive Director, Diverisity, Equity & Inclusion

Client Overview

eLearningDOC faced the challenge of creating a micro-course on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the Workplace. We crafted the micro-course as a streamlined iteration of our complete DEI training modules, intending for it to hold relevance across a broad spectrum of organizations and industries.

By offering easily digestible lessons in a condensed format, the micro-course would accommodate busy professionals, ensuring they can engage with DEI content despite their demanding schedules. The value lies in its time efficiency, as learners could fit in short, fun, interactive learning sessions without feeling overwhelmed. And, with its accessibility, the micro-course could reach a broader audience, including those who may not have participated in full-scale DEI training. The micro-course could serve as an entry point to create awareness and interest in DEI, laying the foundation for a more inclusive culture.

Services Provided

  • Instructional Design: Our instructional designer expert in DEI worked closely with the Executive Director of Diversity at Strategic Systems to lay the groundwork for the coursework.
  • Course development: eLearningDOC created a series of 5-minute interactive courses delivered by email to the participants’ inboxes each morning for five days.
  • Multimedia Production: Our design team produced a series of short videos, fun quizzes, and real-life workplace simulations to enhance student engagement
  • Instructor-led Support: Our lead Scholar partnered with the DEI Director at Strategic Solutions to provide feedback and answer questions through the discussion group option at the end of each lesson.
  • Marketing: The micro-course was promoted broadly through social and email marketing. All promotional materials were developed and deployed by the eLearningDOC marketing team.

Highlights and Results

The DEI initial micro-course met with good participation and positive reviews. due to its scalability, we offered organizations seeking to train a substantial workforce the chance to voluntarily participate in the complete DEI learning program. These programs are cost-effective and can be customized to complement existing training initiatives.


The opportunity to develop a micro-course provided proof of concept there is an interest in eLearning programs that can be scaled to a variety of modalities. Learn more about how we can tailor the DEI mini-course to suit your organization – Contact us today!

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